A biweekly halaqah series for the youth!

Join Imam Ahmad Azzaari’ and brother Ibrahim Khan every other Friday, as they reflect on the spirit of an ayah from the Qur’an.

Open for youth ages 14+


Sisters! This one’s for you!
Fiqh of Mo’amalat with Imam Ahmad Azzaari’. A biweekly halaqah series.

Every other Sunday after ‘asr prayers.

Starting Sunday, October 2nd, 2016!


Dr. Abdurahman Hejazi will be giving two consecutive lectures on Fridays after Isha prayers. Starting October 7th, 2016 insha Allah!

Lecture 1: Qur’an Gems
Live the Qur’an. Connect with the deep meanings of selected Qur’anic verses as they apply to our daily life!

Lecture 2: Readings in Sahih al-Bukhari
Chapter: The Heart Softeners
In Arabic with instant translation