Join us at PGMA for a Hajj Workshop with Brother Abdul Munim Al-Amin - Saturday, July 21, 2018 - From 1:45 to 5:30pm. All are invited, in shaa Allah.

An inter-faith solidarity meeting was held at PGMA as part of a National Day of Solidarity organized by We Are America.

We Are America is a coalition of immigrant, refugee and faith organizations that are working together to support our core American values as a nation of refuge for those fleeing persecution and violence and as a pluralistic nation of immigrants and religious tolerance. It includes Alianza Americas, America’s Voice, Church World Service, Human Rights First, International Rescue Committee, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, National Partnership for New Americans, and Welcoming America.

There will be a penumbral (i.e. partial) moon/lunar eclipse خسوف القمر (Khusoof-Ul-Qamar) Friday 2/10 that will begin @ 5:34 pm and ends @ 9:53 pm.

To follow the authentic Sunnah of the prophet Sallallaahu Alayihi Wa Sallam صلى الله عليه و سلم, we will observe congregational Salāt-Ul-Khusoof on Friday 2/10 right after Eshā prayer, InshaaAllaah, which will be followed with a short Khutbah.

All the community members; brothers and sisters are invited to join Salāt-Ul-Khusoof in the Main Prayer Hall of PGMA immediately after Eshā prayer, InshaaAllaah