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Coronavirus Senior Fact Sheet

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Coronavirus Infographic – Illness Prevention

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PGMA cordially invites you to a new Family Night series:

Aqeedah in Action 1: Our belief in Allah

Featuring: Sheikh Abdurahman Hejazi

Every Friday (after Isha) From: Oct 24 – To: Dec 13
All are invited…
*Light Dinner* will be served.
*Professional Child Care* will be provided

Tafseer in Action

Featuring: Tafseer Surah Yaseen

By: Sheikh Abdurahman Hejazy

When: Fridays, right after Isha prayer (for one hour)

Where: PGMA main Musalah

Duration: Sept 21 – Nov 9

Description: Learn Surah Yaseen with a special emphasis on how to apply that in your daily actions!
Audience: Everyone is invited.

1st PGMA Tilawah Program

Featuring: Our Honored Community Huffaz/Hafizat

What: 5-week condensed program to improve basic Arabic reading and Quraan recitation with multiple proficiency levels.

When: Monday through Thursday, between Maghrib and Isha.

Duration: Starting from July 16 until August 16.

Who will be teaching: The community’s honored Huffaz/Hafizat.

Who can attend: Serious students with ages from 6 years old until 90 years old.

Registration Deadline:
July 13, 2018 (spots are limited!).

PGMA’s 8th Annual


Saturday, June 9th, 2018

1:30 PM


This years Qur’an competition will be broken down into two parts. It will consist of memorizing as well as tafseer.

Category Memorization Tafseer
1 Ad-Dhuha – Al-Nas Al-Ikhlas, Al-Ma’oon, Al-‘Adiyat
2 Al-A’laa – Al-Nas Al-Bayyina, Ash-Shams, Al-Ghashiya
3 An-Naba’ – Al-Nas Al-Fajr, Abasa, An-Naba’
4 Al-Mulk – Al-Nas Al-Insan, Al-Qiyama, Al-Mulk
5 Al-Ahqaf – Al-Nas Ar-Rahman, Qaf, Al-Hujurat
Register Below For The Quran Competition


This year’s theme is the Manners found in Surah Hujuraat.

This Ramadan, encourage your sons and daughters to reconnect with the Qur’an via an intriguing Youth halaqah series on Friday and Saturday nights immediately following Taraaweeh. This program will improve our youth’s understanding of the Qur’an and what Allah wants for us.

Join us for a half an hour every
Friday and Saturday right after the Taraweeh prayers end
beginning May 18th!


Featuring speakers such as

Brother Ibrahim Khan

Brother Adib Laskar

Brother Muneer Zuhurudeen

Brother Naeem Baig

and many more…