PGMA Classifieds

PGMA Classifieds is an online bulletin board that allows you to advertise employment opportunities and services you may need, items for sale (or free), items needed, connecting with others (mom/dads groups, social meetups), house/room for rent, etc.

The Classifieds are run via Google Groups.
All requests to join the group are moderated.
All posts made to the group are moderated and subject to approval by PGMA administration.

Please note: Classifieds are not the right forum to post political messages, provide feedback or suggestions to PGMA, or to make requests to PGMA.

For any questions regarding PGMA Classifieds, please email:

View Group

To view the Classifieds and post messages, go to:


To join the Classifieds, visit the group link above and then send your request by tapping the Ask to join group button


To post messages in the group, tap the New conversation button or send an email to

Please note: Only approved members of the group can send messages.