A Ramadan Message from Dr. Abdurrahman Hejazi of PGMA

Dear respected brothers and sisters,
Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatu Allah wa Barakatuh,

I pray to Allah that this message reaches all of you in the best state of health and Iman.
Alhamdu lellah, as we are approaching this Ramadan with longing and yearning, we pray that Allah will enable us to fast the month and pray its nights with full Iman, patience, and acceptance. Depending on the moon sighting tomorrow, Ramadan will start either Tuesday (Apr 13) or Wednesday (Apr 14) in shaa Allah. If we get a moonsighting confirmation on Monday, then we will pray Taraweeh Monday evening right after Isha, and will start fasting Tuesday in shaa Allah.

In the meanwhile, we are pleased to inform you that PGMA will be conducting all the prayers including Isha and Taraweeh during this Ramadan. All prayers will be held outdoor in the front parking lot in order to accommodate the large number of attendees during the Covid-time restrictions. Both brothers and sisters, ages 13 and above are most welcome to attend.

The attached calendar provides prayer times for all the prayers. We plan to pray 8 short Rak’ah of taraweeh + 3 Rak’ah of Witr (to be led by several youth Hafizs) right after Isha in shaa Allah.

To participate in the Taraweeh prayers, each individual will have to register (one time only for the whole month of Ramadan) using this form. After registration, will be notified with a pass number that you will need to present upon arrival.
Jazakum Allah Khair, and may Allah accept from all of us. Ameen.
PGMA Imam.

P.S.: Please follow the below Guidelines from PGMA Administrations. If you have any questions? Please call the main office 301-459-4942 or email: ec@pgmamd.org.
The COVID-19 pandemic is still with us and we have to follow all Prince George’s County guidelines regarding all strict enforcement of COVID safety protocols (e.g., crowd size, social distancing and wearing of masks at all times while on PGMA grounds). There will be no exemptions to this rule.
Please adhere to the following guidelines:
Each person must bring their prayer rug/mat.
Each person must wear a mask and maintain a distance of 6 feet from all others at all times.
There will be no access to inside of the building, and thus no bathroom will be available for use. Please make your wudu at home.
If you have any medical condition, including fever, coughing, etc., you must avoid coming to the masjid for your safety and the well-being of your fellow Muslims.
Entry compliance will be enforced by security. Please follow all instructions as given. And be respectful to staff and security personnel.
There will be very limited parking. Please use car-pool as best as you can because only cars with 3 or more individuals will be allowed to park in the PGMA parking lot. You are free to park legally on the neighborhood streets.

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