Islamic Studies

We always hear that “Islam is a way of Life”. But in order to understand and accept this, one must learn to love Islam so that they live it properly and with pride. Thus, our goal through Islamic studies is to enrich our students with knowledge so that they Learn, Love, and Live the Deen.

Levels: There are 10 levels in total, which are determined by age/grade.

  • KG-8th grade: Each level (and book) corresponds to grade level. The curriculum used is from the Weekend Learning Series’ Islamic Studies books.
  • High school students (ages 14+): Older students will be admitted into a “Halaqa class” which will follow a different curricula written and informed by Islamic Institutions and research (See Additional Resources).
    • It is meant to be application based, and there are independent projects assigned to ensure that they can live what they learned.
    • Students will also be assigned to take 1 free Islamic course outside of Sunday School, on any topic/program they wish.
    • Note: these students are not necessarily in PTHifz, but are mature enough to discuss these topics.
  • Each year the curriculum begins with covering and reviewing the basics of Tawheed and fundamentals, with a few topics on Allah, the Quran, the Prophet (SAW), the Hadith, or Sunnah. With every year, this emphasis increases and is introduced in an age-appropriate manner, and approached from different perspectives.
  • Several Lessons are devoted to Islamic sciences (fiqh), history, manners, values, and morals so that children grow up with a good understanding of Islamic culture.
  • Age-appropriate moral lessons are covered (i.e. older grades discuss gossip, friendship, peer pressure, dating, indecency, encouraging good and forbidding evil, etc.)

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