I am thankfull first to ALLAH SWT that made this blessed journey possible! secondly to everyone who worked tirelessly in organizing and coordinating (PGMA 2023 BLESSED FIRST UMRAH), BRAVO!!! your reward is only with ALLAH SWT.. however what I would like to see next time insha’allah is, better communication and attentiveness towards sisters. in other words inquire about if everything is okay and if we need assistance with something and some of you young men ask if you can help instead of acting so none challant.. To the IMAM thank you! for your wisdom and guidance, jezakumALLAHU khairan. Last but not least Mr. Nadim thank you, thank you, for your professionalism, generosity for making things so easy, especially cheking in both hotels an excellent tour guide! job well done 👏 every one, until next time, في امان الله

– Bro. Bailor Sarjoh