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Sunday School

PGMA Sunday School - a place where young hearts and minds come together to embark on an incredible journey of knowledge, wisdom, and spiritual growth. Within the warm embrace of our community, children find not just a place of education but a second home, where values of love, compassion, and respect are nurtured. Guided by dedicated teachers who are passionate about imparting the teachings of Islam, our students learn to not only recite the verses of the Qur'an but to understand their profound meanings and apply them in their daily lives. Beyond the classroom, they forge lasting friendships and cherish the diversity that unites us all.

Our Sunday School is more than an educational institution; it is a transformative experience that fosters a generation of compassionate leaders ready to shine their light in the world, spreading the message of peace and unity. Join us as we embark on this incredible journey together!

Learn about our Sunday school - Visit the official PGMA Sunday School website below;

Sunday School Website